Frequently Asked Questions

Who is for? is the best place for trade shows visitors, exhibitors and all others interested of trade show industry.

What can I find on the portal?

Coverage from trade shows with virtual tours, photos, movies.
Exhibitor profiles with their offer and exhibition history.
Schedule of trade shows from around the world.

What else can offer? is not only a web portal, it is also a mobile applications, which simplify visiting the trade show. In the application you can find event map, exhibitor profiles, virtual tours of the trade shows, event news and access to your visitor profile.

What are advantage of the visitor profile on the portal and in the application?

With active profile you gain access to extended application functionalities, such as the QR-code scan history or adding a company to follow. The applications are fully integrated with the portal and all user data are synchronize automatically.

Does registration on the portal involve additional fees?

Registration on the portal is free.

Is a shopping platform?

No, on you can find companies from various industries that actively participate in trade shows. It gives them an opportunity to present their offer. However, if you are interested in the offer, please contact the company directly.

Where can I buy the presented products? does not participate in sale of the presented products. For this purpose, please contact directly to company which is presenting chosen products.

Instructional videos for users

Frequently Asked Questions - portal user manual

How can I change my company details? How can I access the profile?

After logging in, if the administrator has not assigned the company profile you can manage, after going to the company tab, select the "manage this profile" button. After completing the form and confirming the validity of the request by our team, you will receive the rights to manage the company profile. Having permissions, go to the management panel in the upper right corner, select the company name in the left panel, then the data tab.

How to create a new account on the portal?

Select the MY ACCOUNT button in the upper right corner, log in using your social media account or create a new account by clicking the Create a new account link and complete the registration process.

I haven't received the email with the activation link, what should I do?

It happens that the e-mail with login details lands in the spam tab, if it is not there, you should report to the administration and ask you to send your login details again.

What is my first login password?

If the account is set up by the portal staff, it is an automatically generated password in the email with the activation link that can be changed after logging in. When you register yourself on the portal, this is the password you entered when creating the account.

Do I have to confirm the consents on the company's management subpage?

These are mandatory consents without confirmation that you cannot use all the functions of the portal, the first confirms that you are the right person to manage the company profile, the second is the consent to display the company logo on our portal.

Are the materials free?

Materials prepared for the exhibitor are free for further sharing, provided that the HTML code is unchanged along with a link to our portal.

How to mark products on the panorama?

To add products to the panoramic photo of the stand, first they must be added in the Products tab in the company management panel. After adding, all products appear in the list under the selected panorama and from there you can apply them to the panorama.

How to share a panorama?

After navigating with the Edit button to the selected panorama from the multimedia tab in the company profile management panel, at the very bottom there are two ways of sharing, ready HTML code to place on the website and a link to social media.

How to add a link to your website?

The company's website can be added in the Data tab in the company profile management panel, an additional place is to include a link to the sales page when adding a product.

How to add news on a company blog on the portal?

To add news, go to the News tab in the company profile management panel and select the ADD NEWS button, add introductory information, go further, complete the news and use the PUBLISH button.

Can I add my own promotional materials?

Youtube videos and pdf files can be placed when adding a product or news, the videos added in this way will also appear on the exhibitor's subpage displayed browsing the portal.