The Equisafe company offer wide range of fences for
horses as well as for houses and farms. We offer Span
electric fencing with 2,3 or 4 crossbars,
Line electric fencing, Dressage fencing and Gallop
-race track fencing. Fences are made from high density
polyethylene (HD-PE). The Equisafe company have the
license for produce the HD-PE fences with electricity
in! (Patent belongs to Equisafe Company – “fence
conductive the electricity because of embedded spiral
conductor in crossbar”). Thanks to that you don't need
to assembly any isolators and connecting the electric
lines inside them, the electricity is in the CROSSBAR!
Our Fences are resistant for UV, pernament, strong and
the price is very competitive. There are many more
advantages of the product like design and esthetical
value, easy to fix, long term guaranty or safety.
Equisafe company provides the best services to their
customers since 1986 and it is Europe leader with fence
production for race tracks and paddocks.All prices
includes one meter of the fence. Price list is available
on our website . Should you have
any questions? Please feel free to contact us by our
website or facebook profile. We have many special
offers for our customers so when you decided to get
the best fence for your house, farm, horses please
contact us and we will make a free valuation for you.


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