PAC 1200

Main PAC 1200 GG oleodinamic clamp feature is to assemble PVC coated drawers having DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS with 45° joints WITHOUT ANY FURTHER SETTING

PAC 1200 GG features, performed in a SINGLE OPERATION (for the best cycle-time saving) :

1) Clamp for assembly – squaring of PVC coated drawers with automatical reading of drawer’s
dimensions and automatic positioning of the machine

2) Automatic nailing in 4 points (2 on the internal drawer face + 2 on the back) in order to hold the drawer’s bottom

3) Automatic Clamping of the 2 slides (unique slide model)

The drawer exits the PAC 1200 GG actually ready to be assembled into the furniture case (cupboard, etc.)

This model is fully automatic: it is auto-positioning according to the dimensions of the drawer incoming to
the press, and for this reason it is not necessary to perform any manual action for positioning, and small
series and special items can be easily processed at the same production rate as for big standard series.

PAC 1200 GG hydraulic press is the right machine for both high and low volume drawers producers, and it is absolutely necessary to those who manufacture such products with special features and frequent drawer’s size changing of their production.
Technical data
Technical data :

Power supply : Volt 380 50-HZ 3 phases + GRD
Control voltage : Volt. 24 DC
Useful operating size max. : mm. 1200 x 600 x 230
Useful operating size min. : mm. 350 x 270 x 80
Drive speed belt : meters 21/min
Operating cycle : 20 sec
Installed power : kW. 2
Dimensions : mm. 4000 x 1250 x 1300H