ROBUSO-proton® Scissors and Shears

ROBUSO proton® Scissors and Shears designed to cut Kevlar®, twaron® and Dyneema®

Made of forged and hardened C60 carbon steel
Eyes precision ground by hand
These shears are completely proton®-coated
One micro-serrated blade
Super-hardened surface
Extreme ease of handling
One micro-serrated blade
The blue-black coating provides effective protection against abrasive wear and produces super-hard cutting edges, rating about 3400 (HV).

The coating reduces the friction effect providing these proton® Shears with truly comfortable controlled-handling features. The chemically indifferent properties of this coating provide an active barrier against fouling of the blades - which is very much in contrast to conventional shears - and certainly a great advantage when working with adhesive-bonded materials. Proton® Shears with their 'all-coated' surfaces - handles included - can be safely and readily cleaned with solvent to remove any resin and/or adhesive residuals, especially for a final clean-up at the end of each workday.

We can regrind your ROBUSO proton®-Shears.