For over thirty years, Lavesan has been researching new materials and developing new technologies for the production of polyester and epoxy resins, gel coatings and colouring pastes. The firm also produces woven roving and fibreglass composites, and commercializes chopped strand mats, roving, and many auxiliary products for the global leader OCV Reinforcements.
The company’s headquarters and main production facilities cover a total area of 30,000 square metres and are located in Brentonico in the Trentino Alto Adige region which, thanks to its location, lies at a good communication point with Europe.
All the company’s buildings and productive machinery are of very recent construction and comply with strict environmental protection legislation. It is important to note that respect for nature is one of the Trentino region’s main objectives.
The company has obtained and still maintains today after many years, the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2008.
A well-equipped research and quality-control laboratory within the company’s headquarters allows for the constant testing of new products. This enables the company to change production specifications and details, in a relatively short time, and to tailor individual clients’ needs both in Italy and abroad.
Production is efficient, allowing for fast and punctual distribution of products specific to customer needs throughout Italy and Europe. Distribution is carried out by company-owned transport and couriers.
Over the years the company has always invested in new technology and updated equipment so as to increase the productive output and hence to increase sales. Company profits have constantly been re-invested to improve equipment or enlarge and structurally renovate buildings and warehouses, so as to improve health and safety within the firm for its workers and to maintain the company’s organization and production at its best.


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