Kverneland e-drill compact and e-drill maxi

Kverneland e-drill compact & e-drill maxi

Kverneland is introducing two models of the new integrated pneumatic seed drills, the e-drill compact and e-drill maxi. These two models of integrated pneumatic seed drills allow seedbed preparation, re-compaction and sowing in one pass.

The e-drill compact is offered with a hopper capacity of up to 1600 litres, the e-drill maxi up to 2000 litres.

The e-drill compact and e-drill maxi offer a maximum in flexibility:

The coulterbar can be lifted completely during work via the two integrated hydraulic cylinders of the optional hydraulic coulterbar lift system if this is necessary for the tillage of the headlands for example. For fully solo operation of the power harrow, the coulterbar can be easily coupled and uncoupled with a coupling hook - via the Euro connection.

Operator-friendly - central depth adjustment of the following harrow

The 10mm diameter S-type following harrow is adjusted centrally by a crank. The scale allows constant and easy control even if the complete harrow is lifted up.


*Easily accessible metering device ELDOS
*Simple depth adjustment
*Central depth and pressure adjustment of the following harrow
*Constant seeding pressure
*Precise seed placement by CX-II coulters
*Independent adjustment of the tine depth and sowing depth
*Close centre of gravity for reduced lifting power requirement