Kverneland 2500 i-Plough

ISOBUS mounted reversible plough.

From transport to perfect furrows in a record time, from the tractor cabin:

* Smart: define any relevant plough settings from the tractor cabin.
* Easy: the ISOBUS screen clearly shows how to adjust the plough within finger tips.
* Unique: 10 innovations to improve the farmers/contractors working life.

Four essential functions are controlled by the Kverneland 2500 i-Plough®:

* Ploughing: all important adjustment possibilities from the tractor cabin via the Isobus screen.
* Transport: automatic sequences to ensure a safe transport
* Marking: important function for “non-square fields” and for nice in´s and out´s on the head land.
* Connecting: safe and trouble free parallel setting of the cross shaft connection to the tractor lower links.

Kverneland 2500 B/S i-Plough: Easy, Robust, Innovative


* Kverneland steel and heat treatment technology to the complete plough!
* Kv 2500 S: Auto-reset. No maintenance! Kv 2500 B: ShearBolt legs
*For tractors up to 280hp (206kW).
*120 x 200mm induction heat treated frame, extendable frame by 1 furrow.
*4 to max. 6 furrow plough


*Operate and control via either terminals : Isomatch Tellus, Tellus Go or tractor terminal
*Automatic calibration of the plough settings to the tractor rear wheel setting
*FurrowCONTROL RTK/DGP for straight furrows following an A-B line
*Variomat® from the cabin (12” to 24”). Self adjusting pull line.


*Advanced transport solution: Hinged head stock mast. The plough behaves like a trailer during transport. Save time: cabin controlled transport and ploughing positions
*Wheel: frame mounted Kverneland belt for wet conditions, 65 x 30cm, covering the plough working width.
*Safe swivel reversal for the Kverneland Belt and the combi/frame mounted wheels
*Skimmers: central adjustment of working depth
*Leg protections: add or remove springs on the Auto-reset simply
*Aero profile high legs to avoid blockage in heavy residues

Standard Kverneland benefits:

*Easy pulling
*Long lasting
*High second hand value