Smart Trolley

Operating furniture
Everything you need, but not visible.

The furniture designed for the needs of the dental surgery studio.
Maximum cleanliness, aesthetics and functionality.

Operating efficiency is the result of planning and the related organisation.
A modern dental studio must enhance its operatingefficiency to reduce costs and reduce waste.
Smart Trolleys make a real contribution to achieving this result.
Designed by taking the clinic into account, they transform the furniture, from containers to devices.

First welcome, then treat
the patient, when asked to sit in the operating areas, should be in a very neat and clean space.
He needs to feel, right from the very beginning, that he is in a facility that put him at the centre of its objectives. Nothing should be visible, but everything should be ready for use.

Maximum modularity
Smart Trolleys are a component of an integrated system that starts from the analysis of the clinical needs of each operating area in order to define the trolley type and the line composition.

Freedom of movement, Freedom of choice

It is completely up to you!
Each space must be designed according to a logic of functionality.
Think of your operation and do not compromise: Smart Trolleys can adapt to your needs.

Configure them as you need them.
Put them where you want them.
Set them up as you need them set up.

Smart Trolley
Each operating area, regardless of the intended use, needs to provide the operator with a series of commonly used equipment, materials and tools.
In short, everything that is repeatedly needed, regardless of the intended use of the operating space, must be at hand.
Everything has its place in the Trolley In the intraoperative period, when it is not being used, everything remains hidden inside.
When it is in use i.e. when removed from its box, it becomes an indispensable tool.

Smart Trolley
Electromedical systems
The quantity of the electromedical tools that the dental staff use during dental procedures is highly important. Continuous technological development and new clinical procedures lead to the introduction of new devices.
Unfortunately every electromedical tool features hand pieces, cords, pedals and power supply cables.
All this causes disorder, confusion, difficulty in sanitisation and a consequent negative perception by the patient.
The solution is Smart Trolley Electromedical which, with its centralised power supply system, modularity, the accommodation of bulky pedal commands becomes an indispensable organisational and functional element. In addition, with the ability to be fitted with a hand piece holder table and a physiological pole holder, it becomes the perfect surgical cart, making everything available to the operator in the operating framework while hiding all the wiring and devices connected to it when at rest.

Smart Trolley
During a dental procedure, the staff work hard around patient.
The tools used, the disposable equipment and any waste products accumulate on the support surfaces of the studio.
This action, although controlled, increases the risk of cross-contamination
but most of all makes the layout and sanitisation of the operating area less efficient and more costly, in terms of time between one patient and the next.
To reduce the time and rationalise the management of waste and contaminated material, we have developed the Postoperative Smart Trolley.
Thanks to its built-in decontamination tank and recycling compartments, it is a hub for the collection and sorting of infected material.
The Postoperative Smart Trolley significantly reduces the time needed to reorganise the studio between patients.

Build them as you want them
Thanks to its modular construction, the Smart Trolley adapts to your needs and allows you to create a combination of shelves, drawers and accessories, ideal for your unique way of working...