Wenzhou guanhao glasses Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a high-tech manufacturing techniques with advanced technology and the level of professional glasses manufacturer. Over the years, the company of "people-oriented" business philosophy, to carry forward the enterprise spirit of perseverance, the accumulation of a deep cultural and moisture to create a generation of guanhao and also created a glorious history guanhao , enterprises in the robustness rapid development.
At present, the company imported the production of the Swiss original TR-90 memory plastic series of glasses, presbyopic glasses, glasses accessories and high-end children's glasses. SECG series of children's glasses is the main brand glasses, set the product safety, environmental protection and comfort for one patent in Italy (from Italy guanhao optical application and authorized Wenzhou guanhao Glasses Co., Ltd.), by the famous Italian design design division, and its meaning is: security, environmental protection, comfortable glasses, four letters from four in the first letter of the English word, that is, Safety (security), Enviromental (green), Comfortable (comfortable), Glasses (spectacles ). Italian brand SECG patents and patented products in China region, children's frames with higher technological content, its like the inside of the use of soft silicone material, affixed to the face of unusual comfort and impact resistance, and very safe; outside the Swiss imports of high-TR90 memory materials, a combination of both to the outside of the effect of soft steel. This series of products without any paint surface, young children will never cause any harm to the skin.
After years of development, the company has received production licenses, and CE certification. High-quality products the company enjoyed an excellent reputation in the market, but also in the glasses industry production base in China - Wenzhou, a dominant position. In 2004, the company introduced high-speed CNC machining center mold production lines, production of a unique memory of the TR-90 plastic glasses, not only the appearance of the product flow lines, and the process size is very accurate, and realize the integration of computer technology faster, the performance of the production. In addition, the concept of our high-tech, product integration of the international fashion elements, and observe honesty Connaught, which by its products in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Wenzhou and other places consistent praise and positive business and has a wide range of market share.
Scientific development strategies, so that all staff of enterprises guanhao confidence in the future, but also to see the bright future of enterprise development. guanhao as a mirror into companies that trade in international markets as well as domestic trade of the domestic market, more accessories as a solid foundation, we will win a much broader market and a better future.


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