Cutter for leather nesting InfoTEC C LEATHER

Maximum performance in the cut of skin flaps thanks to the InfoTEC 3025 C LEATHER XXL skin cutter, which achieves its high performance through the use of an automatic feed and receive system, i.e. thanks to the receiving and receiving fields, connected to the working field by means of a mobile tape – converoy. On each table a different process takes place simultaneously. The C LEATHER solutions are also available to improve production efficiency, eg. Video digitization of templates.

An efficient cutter for leather nesting

Cutting room equipment in CNC cutter InfoTEC 3025 C LEATHER is a must-have point of a modern upholstery plant. Increased production efficiency, real savings in raw material consumption and rational employment are the key factors that influence the development of the company and increase its competitiveness on the market. The automatic cutter for leather nesting allows you to achieve the highest performance in terms of leather cutting, while maintaining excellent cut quality. Ideally used in an industrial plant, as well as in smaller companies, thanks to the possibility of individual configuration.