Nesting center InfoTEC PRO EVO PLUS

PRO EVO PLUS nesting center distinguished by specialists, appreciated by customers!

InfoTEC PRO EVO PLUS is dedicated to companies that expect machines to have the highest processing capacity, low operating costs and reliability. PRO EVO PLUS is an automatic nesting line with great possibilities. The most popular version is equipped with a plate storage and pushing unit that loads the plates onto the working field. It also has a receiving table for ready-made elements. The process of loading and unloading 3 panels from the working field takes place simultaneously, hence the whole cycle is less than one minute. It is worth adding that the PRO EVO PLUS nesting center in one cycle can cut up to 3 panels. It is possible thanks to the reinforced structure and strong components. An additional aspect of machine reinforcement is the guarantee of maintaining production continuity, even under heavy loads.

Unloading and loading a new batch of plates takes less than 1 minute. The performance of PRO EVO PLUS for one change is up to 150 panels in full size.

Attributes of the InfoTEC PRO EVO PLUS nesting center:

- Nesting up to 3 panels in one cycle.
- Automatic loading and unloading system.
- Possibility to install a large drilling unit thanks to the new InfoTEC PRESS ROLL clamping system.
- Industrial application – center adapted to continuous work under heavy loads.
- Flexibility of production – the possibility of processing with several tools in one cycle.
- Drill chiller and a powerful spindle installed on the gate of the machine.
- Automatic positioning of material, various types of panel format.
- Vibro-vacuum vacuum extraction system.
- Central lubrication system.
- Efficient digital AC servo drives in all axes.
- Industrial spindle on ceramic bearings.
- Monolithic steel frame – processed on a large-format CNC milling machine in one fastening.
- Advanced algorithm for nesting and optimizing the tool path.