CNC milling machine InfoTEC EVO

InfoTEC EVO is a CNC milling machine for professional use. Its design has been optimized for work in plants and factories. Perfectly chosen rigidity of the frame with the appropriate location of a high class linear system guarantee precision of machining and allow to obtain high feed speeds without losing the quality of the part. The EVO milling machine is also well thought-out in terms of ergonomics of use and maintenance. Easy access to individual teams influences the efficiency of work and speeds up service activities.

Drill chiller 8 | 6 | 1 + Spindle HITECO 8,5kw

The proposed combination of InfoTEC EVO milling machine for the furniture industry includes a drilling unit with 8 spindles for horizontal drilling and 6 for vertical drilling and 1 position for undercutting saw. Drilling can be carried out individually or simultaneously. As a cutting unit, a high-quality spindle motor with a power of 8.5 kW is installed, built on ceramic bearings. The right power and spindle design ensures long-term use. The use of two work units significantly speeds up the machining process, thanks to the possibility of performing several different operations in one cycle, without having to carry plates or boards. Drilling, chamfering, shaping and cutting the board into ready-made forms takes place in one continuous cycle of processing, without between operations on other machines.

Tool magazine + tool height sensor + tool presence sensor

The InfoTEC EVO CNC milling machine is equipped with an automatic tool change with a magazine – up to 14 positions, and a tool height sensor with a large contact surface. A large number of places in the tool magazine accelerates the entire machining process, especially in production that requires several different types of cutters. It also allows achieving high flexibility of the device and allows for quick, independent retooling of the milling machine during the project, without the need for operator intervention. The tool presence sensor in the warehouse increases the ergonomics and the machine’s safety.

Raster workspace +table cleaning

InfoTEC EVO milling machine has a working field with a raster structure that evenly distributes the negative pressure on the entire table surface. The table itself is made of hard and solid material to ensure long-term use. The InfoTEC EVO machine is also equipped with an intelligent vacuum that increases its power in the place where the machining is carried out. The automatic cleaning of the table accelerates the machine’s operation, thanks to the elimination of manual cleaning of the working area between individual cycles. Cleaning after cutting the plate is a necessary step so that the material can perfectly adhere to the working table. This prevents the elements from moving and the panel being compressed.

Nesting + machining options + positioning

The advantage of InfoTEC EVO milling machine is the possibility of using nesting – cutting optimization, taking into account not only the distribution of elements on the material, but also the order of individual processing methods, ie drilling, canning, shaping, cutting into a note or milling in one cycle. The advantage of using nesting in the production process is minimization of waste generation and significant acceleration of the machining process.

Positioning of the material on the working field is carried out using pneumatic pins made of high quality steel, which ensures impact resistance. Pegs have the ability to move, which allows you to adjust the base point to the needs of a given project. The use of pneumatic pins allows material to be always placed in the same place on the working field. This has an impact on the repeatability of the projects carried out in relation to the material.