RemaDays 2017 | Advertising and printing

2017-02-23 11:27:25
The latest offer of InfoTEC CNC in the field of CNC cutting systems dedicated to advertising and printing at RemaDays 2017!

InfoTEC CNC in 2017 at RemaDays presented the ultra-thin cutting of advertising and printing materials InfoTEC 1616 SUPER CUT. The SUPER CUT cutting plotter has won the trade fair and industry awards for its versatility and economy.

InfoTEC 1616 SUPER CUT is a state-of-the-art cutting computer-controlled cutting plotter that has been perfectly optimized by InfoTEC CNC Research and Development, for the needs of industry. SUPER CUT dramatically increases efficiency and versatility. An additional advantage of the cutter is that I automate processes and introduces the company into the digital dimension of production. This eliminates the time consuming manual production and strengthens the company's competitiveness in terms of speed of delivery and diversity.

The company's booth was shown cutter for the production of packaging and materials supporting POS sales. InfoTEC E CUT is a large format cutter for cutting materials up to 3100 × 2100 mm.

In addition, InfoTEC CNC at RemaDays has also shown a more prominent tool in the advertising industry, namely the CNC InfoTEC E HoneyComb. CNC E HoneyComb milling machine is ideal for the production of such advertising products as: cassettes, Plexy stand, Dibond stand, display of various types of plastics and many more. The machine is also perfect for the production of modern exhibition stands.

Each of the above. The machine has a great potential for individual configuration that matches current customer orders as well as to adapt them to changing trends.We invite you to contact us for a complete technical and price offer.