Operational Optimization with the NEW Besser Connector

2013-03-01 09:09:22
Besser Company and IQity Solutions LLC have formed a working relationship and launched the Besser Connector. The Besser Connector is a new technology platform that maximizes the operational efficiency and profits of concrete products producers. Powered by IQ-FusionTM, IQity\'s flagship product, the Besser Connector provides producers with the insight to manage operations proactively.

Kevin Curtis, Besser Company CEO and President commented, \"The last several years have been brutal to our industry. We found ourselves in survival mode, we realigned, refocused and are now operating leaner than ever; the question became how do we help plants operate as smartly and profitably as they can. The answer came when Besser partnered with IQity Solutions LLC on the Besser Connector.\"