Besser Company Announces Reorganization of Besser GmbH

2013-03-01 08:49:51
Dear Customers and Friends:

As the leading manufacturer of complete systems for the concrete products industry, we are excited to share with you our plans to restructure Besser as we continue to grow and develop. Our company has a heritage that dates all the way back to 1904 and while we are proud of our past, our vision is of the future - a future full of unlimited possibilities.

As part of our restructuring plan we are transitioning the manufacturing of our OMAG, Kraft Energy and Messman product lines from Emden, Germany to our current facilities located in the United States. We will continue serve our customers worldwide through our global sales representatives. Besser GmbH engineering and service support will continue to be available from the same experienced staff you\'ve come to rely upon. Manufacturing of parts in the U.S. has been underway for over a year resulting in shorter lead times and cost-competiveness. This transition is expected to be complete by the end of 2013.