GC FujiCEM 2

Superior resin-modified glass ionomer luting cement powered by the innovative Force & Fusion Technology

When innovation and technology unite to bring you the simplicity you need

New FujiCEM 2 from GC is the result of an entire decade of continuous improvements along with the solid reputation of more than 150 million crowns cemented worldwide. Powered by the innovative Force & Fusion Technology, FujiCEM 2 rewards dentists with the assurance of a successful treatment. New FujiCEM 2 combines the best in handling characteristics and physical properties for your total peace of mind.
Whether you are in favour of automix or handmix, prefer a clicker type or syringe type of dispenser... FujiCEM 2 offers it all in 1 product.

Improved usability
Choose your preferred dispenser
In addition to the metallic Paste Pak Dispenser, you now have the option of using a plastic plunger which is 85% lighter, autoclavable and cost effective
Differentiated colour of pastes A and B
This enhanced feature gives you visual control to achieve a homogenous mix
Improved physical properties
Higher flexural strength
New high elastic cross linking monomer technology allows it to act like a shock absorber, better resisting to the challenges of occlusal loads
Stronger bond
Advances in filler-surface treatment lead to a stronger bond between glass particles and resin matrix