Tempo F

With Tempo, crop establishment can be carried out at high speed without compromising exceptional precision and accuracy. The result is a unique combination of uniform crop establishment and high capacity.

Behind the qualities of Tempo lie many years of development work by our engineers. This work was followed by thorough field testing in many countries, which was carried out in close collaboration with agricultural advisors and farmers.

Tempo F is a trailed precision seed drill that is available in six-row and eight-row formats. There are four different row spacings to choose from. The eight-row version is equipped with extra support wheels that act as a hydraulic bogie to decrease vibrations in the field. Transport width is 3,3 metres.

A new standard for precision at high speed
Väderstad Tempo sets a new standard for planting at a high speed. With Tempo, planting can be done at high speed and precision and accuracy remains exceptional. The result is an unique combination of even crop establishment and superior capacity.
When developing the seed meter for Tempo the aim was to plant 28 seeds/second. The result, the Gilstring Seed Meter, achieving impressive results even at the highest speeds. One of the key features is the pressurised seed transport, the so called PowerShoot.