Cultus 300-400

A very powerful and spacious frame construction, excellent mixing abilities and a large, free-running packer give Cultus 300-400 fantastically good soil cultivating ability, irrespective of soil type. The powerful Cobra tines can work down to 30 cm. The working depth can easily be adjusted from the cab, which is an advantage in variable conditions.

Trailed or carried
Cultus 300 and 350 are available as hydraulically carried models. The trailed model is available in all three widths.

Designed for high throughflow
Cultus 300, 350 and 400 have three axles. These strong axles are positioned 80 cm apart and the distance between the tines on each axle is 90 cm, giving a 30 cm tine spacing. Together with the high clearance, this gives maximum throughflow. The tine distribution results in very good mixing of harvest trash, while avoiding the compromises involved in using wing points for complete slicing.

Double springs give better depth control
The stable and gap-free and maintenance-free tine fitting is a Väderstad solution based around a sleeve with conical ends, against which two concave sleeves are tightened with a bolt. The double springs on the tines give better depth control and extend the life, since the vibrations from the two springs cancel each other out. The horizontal positioning of the spring unit increases the ability of the tine to absorb strong impacts without deformation, a great advantage on stony soils.
The tines are tested both in test rigs and on actual farms before being released onto the market.

MixIn shin doubles the cultivation effect
The point breaks up soil and with the help of the tine shape and curve, this flow of soil is directed up along the tine and then along the MixIn shin until it breaks up in a cascade of finely distributed soil and trash. This is mixed again when it lands, as the tine reaches it and throws it up once more. This means that a single pass with Cultus actually has a double cultivation effect.
For Cultus, a very wide range of shins and points are available to satisfy widely varying cultivation requirements.