ZETOR by Pininfarina

Firma ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. przedstawiła dziś na hanowerskich targach Agritechnica koncepcję ZETOR by Pininfarina. Chodzi o nowy kierunek stylistyczny, który z biegiem czasu obejmie wszystkie serie i produkty marki ZETOR. Z okazji obchodów 70-lecia firma ZETOR zaprezentowała na wystawie swój plan na przyszłość – oprócz nowego wzornictwa zakłada on rozszerzenie portfolio produktowego oraz rozwój sieci handlowej. Obrana strategia stanowi odzwierciedlenie oczekiwań i potrzeb klientów.
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We are asking you to help in collecting funds to extend the current form of the portal and its independence. Until now, the portal has been maintained from private funds, but we want to go ahead and grow for our users. The portal unites the entire trade show industry: it is addressed to exhibitors, organizers and visitors - we care about maintaining and transferring these mutual relations to a higher level.

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Thanks to the support, we will get the opportunity to better influence on the direction of evolution and even better promotion of the industry. Superexpo.com is a place of presentation for companies and free materials for those interested, including video and 360 degree virtual tours. A professional approach in the implementation of materials and management of the portal costs us a lot of work and we would like the portal to be user-friendly and free of ads. We are aware that most people will skip our appeal, but if superexpo.com is useful to you or you believe in our mission, consider supporting our initiative.