ROKU® Gypsum Board V2

Building material classification A2 - s1,dO (B) according to DIN EN 520

Product description of ROKU® Gypsum Board V2
ROKU® Gypsum Board V2 is a specific structural panel made of a gypsum core surrounded by a carton cover. The gypsum core is slightly concentrated with starch and tenside, as well as glas fibre and inorganic filling material, in order to improve the fire resistance.

Technical data of ROKU® Gypsum Board V2

Bulk density [kg/m³]: > 950 - 1000
Humidity content mass %: approximately 0.3
Coefficient of expansion: [1/K]: 0.013 - 0.02
Thermal conductivity at 20 °C [W/mK]: approximately 0.27
ph-value: 6-8
Flexural strength [N/mm²]:
longitudinal: ≥ 12.3 - ≥ 7.3
lateral: ≥ 4.9 - ≥ 3.1
modulus of elasticity [N/mm²]:
longitudinal: ≥ 2800; lateral: ≥ 2200
Surface finish: covered by carton, smooth

Applications of ROKU® Gypsum Board V2

ROKU® Gypsum Board V2 is designed for higher stability of constructed GFK-panels and therefore specifically for the use of fire protection systems, in particular:
surface insulation e.g. in fire doors
pre-punched parts in particular endangered areas e.g. door lock area
in form of strips for isolation of pipe-frame constructi