Kerafix® FXL 200

Building material classification B2 (normally inflammable) according to DIN 4102, part 1

Approval Z-19.11-1661

Product description

Kerafix® FXL 200 is an intumescent material having no expansion pressure. In the event of a fire, the material forms a solid, microporous and heat resistant (up to 800 °C) char. Special feature: Kerafix® FXL 200 is designed for applications in which the expansion pressure would have a negative impact on the stability of a construction.

Technical data Kerafix® FXL 200:

Material structure: soft material delivered on rolls
Reaction onset: 200 °C approximately
Maximum char height, free expansion: 73 times original size
Direction of intumescence: mainly two-dimensional
Intumescent behaviour: rising temperature leads to increasing char height
Produced char: stable, microporous heat insulating layer
Expansion pressure: none
Resistance to ageing: must be protected against constant rain
Environmental compatibility: yes
Colour: white
Thermal conductivity (10 °C): 0.349 W/mK

Applications Kerafix® FXL 200:

Basically, Kerafix®FXL 200 is designed for applications in which the intumescent material should fill up cavities and construction joints without developing any expansion pressure. Thus, it is suitable for:
Fire stopping doors made of timber, steel or aluminium
Glazings, façades
Roller shutters, construction joints, cable sealings