ROKU® System MFS Kombischott

The ROKU® system MFS of fire rating EI 90 / 120 according to EN 13501 is designed for the sealing of cables up to diameter 80 mm, combustible pipes up to 160 mm diameter and insulated non-combustible pipes up to diameter 160 mm. It consists of the high performance coating ROKU® MFC 100 and 2 ROKU® MFP coated panels with 50 mm thickness each. Plastic pipes are sealed with ROKU® AWM II pipe collars. The insulation of copper pipes with synthetic rubber insulation as well as metal pipes with mineral wool insulation is covered with ROKU® Strip (thickness 1.5 mm, width 100 mm) intumescent material in two layers. Cables and electric conduits are covered with ROKU® MFC ablation coating on both sides of the sealing at a length of 15 cm and thickness 1 mm.


- For drywall partitions of thickness 100 mm, masonry
walls of thickness 100 mm and floors of thickness
150 mm

- Sealing of cables and electric conduits up to 80 mm
diameter each

- Sealing of electric installation pipes with and without
cables up to 63 mm single diameter or 125 mm

- Plastic pipes made of PVC, PP, PE and ABS up to
160 mm outside diameter (pipe end configuration
U/U and pipe wall thickness 1.8 up to 14.6 mm)

- Copper pipes insulated with synthetic rubber up to
88.9 mm (maximum insulation thickness 41.5 m)

- Metal pipes up to 160 mm insulated with mineral wool
(thickness 20 – 50 mm)

- The ROKU® MFC 100 is suitable for damp locations