The ROKU® pipe wrap IWM III is approved for combustible pipes up to 160 mm. For the installation of the pipe sealing, the intumescent material „ROKU® Strip“ is wrapped around the pipe and the insulation layer, respectively. Number of layers required must be observed. Allow for the pipe wrap to be flush with the surface of the building component. In the event of a fire, the intumescent material expands with high pressure and thus seals the opening hermetically against flames and smoke.


- For combustible pipes up to 160 mm outside
diameter in masonry / concrete walls, drywalls
and floors

- Plastic pipes without insulation

- Acoustic insulation with 5 mm thickness

- Synthetic rubber insulation with a thickness
between 6 - 32 mm possible

- Easy installation

- One product only for a wide range of pipes

- Low stock-keeping and flexible installation

- Zero distance installation possible between close