Compact wood moisture instrument

– Checks the degree of dryness in firewood to
conserve energy and reduce emissions.
– Simple handling: Simply push the electrode
spikes into the material.
– LED wet/dry indicator: 12 colour LEDs
(green = dry, yellow = moist, red = wet) provide
immediate measurement results for moisture
content in the tested material.
– Dual scale: 2 different wood groups
– Simple one-button operation
– Stable, ergonomic housing: The device can be
comfortably held in one hand, meaning that the
electrode spikes can be inserted safely.
– Self-test function: The instrument‘s accuracy
can be tested by making a reference measurement
with the protective cap.
– Removable protective cap, to protect the
measuring spikes from being damaged when
the device is not in use.
– Auto power-off: the device switches itself off
automatically after 2 min. of inactivity.
– Battery low display