TexJet® shortee

TexJet® shorTee – Record profit in the short(ee) term!
TexJet® shorTee is perfect for startups interested in specialty t-shirts and one-off production.

Fast Return on Investment
Due to its affordable price and low running and maintenance costs, TexJet® shorTee is an efficient dtg printer that delivers fast ROI. For example, you can achieve ROI in just 2 months by selling 20 t-shirts per day at the price of 15€ per t-shirt (25% light and 75% dark t-shirts).

Thanks to its compact size, TexJet® shorTee fits in small spaces and is easily portable, a feature that allows you to attract niche groups by selling specialty t-shirts at indoor and outdoor events such as music concerts and festivals.

High Performance
TexJet® shorTee is a high-performance dtg printer that allows you to be responsive to different customer requests and print up to 80 light and 28 dark t-shirts per hour.

Make the most of TexJet® unique features:
- Cost-effectiveness
- Low running and maintenance costs.
- Efficiency
- Fast Return on Investment.
- Stunning print quality
- 1-year full warranty on print head and all mechanical parts.