Plaice Pleuronictes platessa

Plaice is caught for OSCAR'S FISH products in Iceland’s coastal waters and only in such quantities that allow it to be processed at the fastest rates once it is onshore.

OSCAR’S FISH Icelandic plaice is individually quick-frozen (IQF)
at -45°С.
The freezing process takes about forty minutes. Then the product is covered with a thin layer of glaze to prevent it from drying out.

The advantages of OSCAR’S FISH plaice:
All products that are made from OSCAR'S FISH range are processed within 24 hours of being caught and frozen only once! No weight is lost during defrosting. A double-frozen product would lose up to 40% when defrosted

Plaice is a bottom-living fish that feeds on bottom-dwelling invertebrates, mainly molluscs. This is why the temperature and cleanness of coastal waters and the environmental safety of Iceland’s natural resources on the whole are of great importance to OSCAR’S FISH products.

Icelandic waters are not polluted, thanks to the ocean currents and Iceland’s remoteness from industrial countries. Scientific research shows that Icelandic fish is virtually free from pollution, and is therefore extremely wholesome and nutritious.