Canned Peaches

In general terms, we can say that, if a fresh fruit or vegetable is considered healthy and nutritious, the same applies for its canned form. The thermal processing and canning causes only a few losses regarding its nutrients similar to those caused by cooking. Moreover, the advantages of canned fruits and vegetables include the fact that since caned, they preserve their nutrients for a period of almost two years. This comprises a very important aspect as these products are harvested at the peak of their ripeness and canned just a few hours later, preserving in that way their nutrients. On the contrary, fresh fruits and vegetables are often collected a long time before their nutrient content reaches the maximum value, while it takes a long time to be sold to the potential consumers. Needless to say, that canned products are available all year round, are microbiologically safe due to sterilisation and vacuum packaging as well as due to the absence of any preservatives, we understand that these products are of high quality and safety. That is why, we should include them in our daily diet based on the model of a balanced "Mediterranean Diet."