Keypro was founded in 1995 by people who specialize in geographical information and CAD systems. Today Keypro employs over 70 geographical information system professionals in Joensuu and Vantaa, Finland.
Since the very beginning we have had a different vision how network information should be made available and operated. Be it water pipes, power lines, telecom lines, sewer lines or any other geographically map-able asset, keeping the network information up to date should be easy and accessible.

Why couldn’t you merge network planning, building and operating phases under one single system?
Why couldn’t you run the planning tools from web browser like you operate so many other business tools?
Why couldn’t you modify your network plan directly from building site, even directly from the excavator?
Yes, there is no reason why you could not. And these are the challenges Keypro helps you to solve.
Our answer is web technologies. In fact, Keypro has pioneered with fully web based, utility specific, professional network planning and operation tools that provide full function in any modern web browser. There is no need to install specialized desktop software. With web based solution, both you and your partners can reliably operate on your utility network.
Therefore, to the array of strong expertise in GIS/CAD workstations we proudly add expertise in: Oracle relational databases, the Microsoft Access databases, programming languages such as Java, Django, Python, Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C/C++, Smallworld/Magik, MicroStation/MDL. And, especially in the domain of browser based systems our expertise includes MapServer, the open source map engine developed by the University of Minnesota.
Keypro has over 150 customers spanning different areas of utilities, authorities and municipalities – telecom, water, energy, airports, seaports and more. Our customer’s installed networks are very valuable assets to them. Accurate, up to date, information about network status and location is critical. With our tools our customers have been able to increase operational efficiency, safety with reduced costs.


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