EKOTEC offers a wide range of products and services, including product selection, design and installation alternative energy sources devices. Additionally, the company carries out training on alternative energy sources installation.
Products offered by EKOTEC are: solar collectors and solar water heaters, heat pumps, wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, LED lighting and active road signs. EKOTEC is a direct importer of trusted manufacturers from around the world, so we can offer our customers attractive prices, favorable trading conditions, quick delivery and high quality of products. We also have in our range products under the brand name EKOTEC.
Our web site www.ekotec.com.pl allows customers to quick and easy communication with the company. The customer can make purchases in our shop online. Also as a leader in the field of renewable energy we have our own public forum, where we share with customers our observations and we establish a common contact.
EKOTEC is willing to become the leading supplier of advanced technology solutions in the industry of renewable energy generation and delivery to the customer the best possible solutions. EKOTEC constantly expanding their knowledge and skills. The company operates in accordance with standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Moreover, the organization of work in our company is conducted in accordance with the method of 5S and PDCA.
We are a partner in a few local group such as "Nadwiślański Klaster Energii Odnawialnej" and "Powiślańska Regionalna Agencja Zarządzania Energią", which are created by companies from alternative energy sources branch.
The main office of our company is located in Baldram, near Kwidzyn city. Our company has its representatives in whole Poland, who are our source of knowledge about the current needs of customers and innovation in the market. EKOTEC staff is including designers, engineers, and installers. Wide range and high quality of our products and services, established market position causes that the group of customers who have placed their trust in us is still growing.


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