The Prize for Innovations for COMBO bending machine!

2019-02-25 15:21:31
Our bending machines ALB – 02 COMBO 160 got The Prize for Innovations in category Technology Park, honored by organiser of Remadays 2019 fair.

It's great that the new innovative COMBO is appreciated by proffesionals!

The newest innovative wersion of COMBO bending machine. Its strong side is a system ADC (Automatic Depth Control) which allows set up of depth of cutted tape in an automatic way for aluminium and stainless steel tapes. Thanks to the software options it is possible an adjustment of various depths during an one run, depending on the requirements of customers. An additional advantage of COMBO is a possibility of seperated set up of depth for external or internal side of tape and first and last cut. Those improvements allows control of building 3d letter process much better.

The ALB - 02 COMBO 160 is equipped with servo Panasonic with power 750W, characterised by a better control of position, speed and torque – it extends a time of an operation of machine. As a result a bending and cutting process on the new COMBO is much more precise and efficient. The new COMBO has much more durable and stable construction based on a steel frame.

ALB - 02 COMBO 160 distinguishes with 2 systems of bending. The roller head – like in case of DELUXE – bends profiles: DFT, TGP, RCP i Super Letters. The patting system – like in case of SSA Mini - bends aluminium and stainless steel tapes precisely. This automatic machine has 2 cutting systems: a cutter for aluminium profiles and a knife for stainless steel. Working on the COMBO we can achieve minimal bending radius - 3,0 mm!