The reloading trailer PBN-16

Technical characteristics of the reloading trailer

1. Two-axle tandem with springs (ADR Italy) axle 90х2100 all-in-one-piece

2. Tires 6,5х70 R18 (load 3.98 t, while 30km/h.)

3. Pneumatic braking system (possible: hydraulic, mixed)

4. Body V-16m3 vehicle capacity 12t. (trailer loading height 2,90m.)

5. Auger Ø400 mm. (productivity 3t/min.,unloading height 4,3m.)

6. Driving reducer S2100 (produced by Bondioli and Pavesi, Italy)

7. Hydraulic trailer hitch leg

8. Replaceable trailed ring Ø90mm.

9. Horizontal auger cleaning mechanism (three windows)

Boundary dimensions LхWхH – 6460х2650х2800 mm.

Additional options

Weighting system with the printer (DinamicaGenerale,Italy)
Awning system (unpacks from the ground)
Cardan shaft with protection coupling (cutoff bolt)
PVC sleeve (for seeding machine loading)
Replaceable trailed ring Ø40; Ø50 (ScharmullerAustria)
Hydraulic trailer hitch brace
Trailed hemisphere under the ball Ø80
Auger lip (regulates hydraulically)