Ground transshipment bunker BNP-12

Technical characteristics of transshipment bunker

1. Reception bunker volume 12m³ (bunker length 7m)

2. Hydraulic folding side (side unloading possibility to vehicles type KAMAZ 55102 without seeds loss)

3. The transportation condition mechanism, tires size 10/75-15.3

4. Two longitudinal supply augersØ300mm (spring caliber 8/4 mm,made in Tecnofer, Italy)

5. AugerØ 400 mm , (solid-rolled spring 8/4 mm caliber,made in Tecnofer, Italy, productivity 3t/min., unloading height 4,3m)

6. Auger drive with reduction gear S2100 та IMR4 (made by Bondioli and Pavesi, Italy)

7. Replaceable trailed ring Ø90 mm.

8. Driveshaft

9. While emergency shutdown, slide damper , which is foreseen, with the channel for vertical auger discharge with the purpose of repeated bunker start without burden

10. Boundary dimensions LхWхH – 8000х2500х1000mm.

Additional options

The unloading height rise till 5,5m with grain stream bifurcation for wagon download
Replaceable trailed ringØ40; Ø50 (Scharmuller Austria)