Standard equipment:

◊ Barrels are made of metal 5 mm thick. It is covered by anticorrosion paint
◊ 2 hemispherical windows Ø 2’’
◊ Safety valve for pressure. Vacuum safety valve. Shut-off valve for pump protection
◊ Self-cleaning siphon
◊ Manometer for pressure and vacuum control, Ø 100 mm
◊ 3 flanges: at the left, at the right, behind
◊ 6 meter PVC pipe Ø150(6’’). Clamps for pipes
◊ 2 hatches of access: above and behind Ø 550 mm
◊ Lateral mechanical latch Ø150 mm. Back hydraulic latch Ø150 mm
◊ Vacuum pump МЕС 8500 (8500 l/minute) with automatic supply of greasing
◊ Ejector distributor
◊ 12 (24) Volts illumination.
◊ Height subchain regulation. Towed plug-in ring Ø90. Hydraulic mounting of pole
◊ Pneumatic braking system
◊ Service ladder

Additional equipment:

◊ Lateral hydraulic manipulator for loading material sleeve regulation (up-down, right-left)
◊ Accelerator turbine for deflation, has electron gun
◊ Accelerator turbine for pumping destified materials and increasing fence depth to 5m
◊ Hydraulic blender is build in cistern
◊ Adaptation for cultivator button
◊ Towed ring Ø40 or 50 mm.
◊ Cultivator for fertilizers introduction into the earth: with straw pulp chopper or without straw pulp chopper
◊ Electrical block for linking-up 5 pairs of hydroexits
◊ Drive shaft Bondioli & Pavezi
◊ Top hatch openes hydraulically