Granulator mills MG, MP, MR

The Molinari Mill / Grinder is an innovative machine in the grinding sector. Our grinder enables to obtain higher output for a given energy consumption compared to traditional mills, such as hammer and blades mills, for example, or alternatively, to save up to 30-50 percent of energy, given the same production.

It is a high performance machine, especially with products hard to treat (wood of medium and large size, polyethylene pipes, PVC, etc.) which can be ground with screens that have 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 mm holes, for example, to obtain sawdust from wood. The models "MG" mills are fed from the top through a loading hopper.

Horizontal Mill for tubes
A special application permits to shred products of large dimensions such as pipes (lengths up to 6 meters and a diameter up to 800 mm) thanks to a front load mode. The product placed in a container is pushed by a presser against the rotor. The push is adjusted according to the absorption of the main engine.