Manual Chucks

Pratt Burnerd has an extensive range of multijaw manual chucks manufactured from the highest quality materials. Products include:

Standard accuracy chucks have bodies manufactured from high quality SG iron with component parts manufactured from high quality alloy steel and heat treated for optimum performance and durability.
Super precision chucks have a repeatability of 0.03mm TIR guaranteed. A wide range of chuck adaptors is available to meet most spindle noses. Hardened base and reversible top jaws are available as an option.
6 jaw Griptru chucks allow the gripping of thin walled components with minimum distortion. A proven micro adjustment device on both 3 and 6 jaw chucks permits concentricity to be adjusted to within 0.005mm TIR.
The all-steel Setrite chuck, supplied with hardened base and reversible top jaws, gives a concentricity of 0.013mm TIR by using the Setrite adjustment feature. All scrolls are hardened and ground for optimum accuracy and durability.
The Metric Independent chuck is manufactured from SG iron and is the most economical chuck for turning one-off components and short runs. All screws, bearings and reversible jaws are manufactured from steel.
Large 3 jaw scroll chucks can be supplied with recess mount or finished to suit most spindle noses and also offered with a large bore. Hardened base and reversible top jaws are an option.
The Large Independent 4 jaw chuck has body, screws, bearings and jaws manufactured from high quality steel. It can be machined with mounting holes and recess to suit the spindle nose.

Product Specification
Definition Value
Standard Accuracy Chucks 50 to 800mm diameter
Super Precision Chicks 50 to 400mm diameter
Griptru Chucks 3 Jaw or 6 Jaw
Setrite Chucks 160 to 610mm diameter
Metric Independent Chucks 160 to 400mm diameter
Large Scroll Chucks 460 to 2000mm diameter
Large Independent Chucks 460mm to 2000mm diameter