Beurer - Your specialist for health and well-being.
A strong focus on internal research and development combined with targeted analysis of future markets makes Beurer the only full-line provider in the health and well-being market.

Today the range encompasses over 120 products, including blood sugar measuring units, blood pressure instruments, fever thermometers, electric blankets, bathroom and kitchen scales, footbaths and nebulizers, as well as pulse watches.

The company’s origin, the headquarters and the management are in Ulm. The administration, research and development, marketing, sales, buying department and parts of the production are also situated there.

Since 1992 Beurer produces also in Hungary: in the subsidiary Beurer Hungaria. The factory works since 2004 as fully functional, top modern company. Due to continuous investments Beurer offers today the latest manufacturing technology and fast lead times. Our high quality standards are permanently realized.

From 2006 onwards, Beurer gradually developed a market in the eastern regions and founded Far East Ltd. with its headquarters in Hong Kong. Since then, Beurer has continuously increased its global presence and provides state-of-the-art production technology with short turnaround times thanks to continuous investments. To maintain this standard for the future, the Italian branch Beurer Italia SRL was launched in 2008, followed by Beurer North America LP in the USA in 2010, and Beurer UK Manchester in Great Britain and Beurer France SAS in 2011. At the start of 2012, Beurer expanded its global distribution network via its Italian and French plants. The subsidiary company Beurer Medical Italia SRL and Beurer Latin America, Lp in Florida were founded in the same year.
Beurer GmbH

Quality seals the deal
Beurer has been part of a leading group supplying high-quality products and services in Germany since 2012. Beurer is a traditional company and has been awarded the title of "Brand of the year" by media and economic experts for its heating pad. Beurer is also winning over experts and customers in other market areas. Subsequently, the traditional company was awarded the title of "Most innovative brand in the healthcare industry" by the jury of the Plus X Awards in 2011 and 2012. Beurer products also regularly receive awards from Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation) and Öko-Test (German consumer magazine), in addition to winning the Plus X Award and the red dot design award.


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