Combiscan+ C

THE scanner for your cross cut optimization
In the C version of the Combiscan+ Luxscan draws all its experience gathered in the area of cross cut optimization together into one single package. The variable software and hardware options within the scanner represent a piece of wood technology. Through the different sensor options the scanner can be matched to the needs of the customer, continually providing the optimal results. Regardless if it is soft or hardwood, window frames or gluelam, skirting or worktops, furniture making or shuttering this scanner you can always reach the optimal result.


High productivity from the automated defect recognition
Reduction in personnel costs, as the labour intensive manual marking is replaced
Increase in yield as the defect recognition of the scanner is far above that of manual marking
Flexible production, as many different qualities and products can be produced at the same time
Increase in quality of the end products
Controlling the quality of the end products according to individual end customers

Modern scanner technology from the optimization specialists of the WEINIG GROUP.
The deciding factor in a targeted optimization of the raw material is the optimal detection of the wood characteristics. The features of the individual wood characteristics are different in the way in which they are detected by the various sensors. The scanners modular sensor concept is derived from these factors. Here LUXSCAN can offer each customer a tailored solution. From the modular construction of the Combiscan+ different sensor technologies can be combined together. Machines can be produced according to the customer demands with the perfect sensor concept and at the same time offering value for money. The installed laser cameras provide recognition of standard characteristics on four sides. What is interesting here is the four-sided detection of three dimensional characteristics such as wane. Colour characteristics are captured and identified with a high definition colour camera. Not only is the detection of blue stain possible, but also an optimized sorting according to colour characteristics. For example, the lamellas for glulam panels can be classified and sorted before pressing. For characteristics exhibiting a difference in density an xray sensor is used. This provides, by “lighting up” the wood, a glimpse into the heart and classification of the density. Sensors for detecting shape differences, moisture and unmolded areas complete the picture along with the specialist mechanization concept. This provides the scanner, as an optional module, with automatically moving cameras for use in scanning random width boards. This allows for continued, three-dimensional characteristic detection on the edges, even on random widths. This technology is unique in its application. With the offered sensor concepts and the modular construction the Combiscan+ remains future-proof and adaptable to all new demands in the production.

YOUR Application
One or more optimizing cross cut saws (such as DIMTER Opticut 450 Quantum, Opticut 200….)
Large numbers of manual markers needed for marking and/or sorting different qualities
Interest in maximizing yield with constant product quality

Optional matching to YOUR application
Up to four high definition colour cameras
Colour matching
Xray for detection of internal defects
Sensors for detecting rough or unmolded areas
Marking station for combination with old cross cut saws
Automatic camera positioning for random width
Measurement of crook and bow
Connection for signals on moisture measurement, metal detection etc
Information about options