Forbo Siegling: Movement is our business Todays' markets demand a high level in flexibility and dynamism in all areas of the company - from a innovation of new products to quality management and customer service. Forbo Siegling guarantees consistent market orientation, top product quality and comprehensive service and support. And, of course, the certainty that Forbo Siegling's products, applications and services comply with the requirements of tomorrow's world. Forbo Siegling products are manufactured in 9 countries. Forbo Siegling has companies and agencies in over 50 countries all over the world. All are equipped with extensive stocks of material and workshops. Within the global Forbo Siegling organisation with more than 300 service stations the Forbo Siegling GmbH guarantees his customers qualified advice, speedy and economic delivery and reliable service department. As a result our research and development is not just a reaction to our customers' needs but an integral part of our own concepts and visions. Ever-increasing competitive pressure and globalisation of the market require innovative concepts in production, material flow and logistics. Power transmission belts, conveyor and processing belts often play a central role in that. This is why leading companies all over the world can count on Forbo Siegling as a competent partner in developing specialised and advanced solutions for power transmission, conveying and production. The result: Comprehensive and industry-specific product ranges for our customers.


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