The members of the JASCO MSV-5000 microscope spectrometer series are used for examining microscopic samples. Beside their ability of conventional imaging, these microscopes are capable of recording the spectrum of the light passing through the samples or the reflected one, thus providing information on the chemical composition of the sample. In this way the observed spectral range is not limited only to the visible (Vis) spectral range (300-800 nm), but also covers the entire UV-Vis-NIR (200-2700 nm) wavelength range. An important advantage is that a single instrument is able to measure the optical properties of the samples within this broad spectral range. Therefore, the typical field of application of microspectrometers can be e.g. the examination of microscopic forensic and/or biological samples, the color determination of paint fragments, the examination of semiconductors or other optical elements in the spectral range wider than the visible light spectrum. The control of microspectrometers is provided by the Spectra Manager II software package, which controls all the JASCO spectroscopic instruments.