Servo MAC050 - 14

The MAC motor - the complete motion solution
Brushless servo motor with integrated controller
all necessary components in one unit

The basic idea of the MAC motor is to minimize the installation costs but also to make a component that is much better protected against electrical noise which can be a problem when using long cables between controller and motor.
The servomotor, hallsensor, encoder and electronics are specially developed by JVL so that they together form an enclosed unit where the power driver and controller are mounted inside the motor in a closed section.
The MAC motors can be delivered in sizes of
50 to 141W, MAC050 to 141 range,
400W, MAC400 motor,
750W, MAC800 motor,
1500-3000W, MAC1500-3000 motor.

Adapt your motor to your application with Expansion Modules

JVL MAC Integrated Servo Motors utilize the unique module concept. Plug-in expansion modulesadapt the motor to the application. You can choose connector type: D-Sub, cable glands or M12 connectors and you can choose freely between Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, Ethernet or nano PLC control. High Speed and wireless modules add to the selection.
This means that the MAC motor gives you possibilities no other motors on the market can provide. Also important, you only pay for what you need. In addition, if you do not find the features you require, please contact us and we will develop your own customized module.