Esprecious 11

Esprecious 11 has two canisters, one for coffee beans and one for instant ingredients. The large canister (over 3 litres) for instant ingredients can be filled with topping for coffee specialities such as cappuccino and latte*.


Intuitive touchscreen control for easy operation.
Double dispensing outlet for serving two cups simultaneously.
Accepts all sorts of coffee beans (including decaf).
Automatic rinsing system to optimise the in-cup quality.
Day/cumulative counter data exportable to i.e. Excel.
Separate hot water tap.
Unique hot water system to reduce scaling.
Touchscreen with extended marketing possibilities (photo, video and audio).
Compatible with coin exchangers or other external devices.
ECO energy-saving mode.
In height adjustable double outlet for various cup sizes.
A perfect cup of espresso asks for a powerful approach. First-rate performance is demanded from an espresso machine during the preparation process. Therefore only the best, strongest and most durable materials are used in the Esprecious.

Making a good espresso takes time. Benefit from the double outlet serving two cups of espresso in just 33 seconds!

* depending on the instant ingredient of your choice you can offer other beverages or a premix.