HALLDE Blender / Mixer SB-4

PREPARATION wBlends, mixes, stirs, whips, chops, mashes. wPrepares paste, batter, dressings, herb oils, sauces, thickenings, mayonnaise, soups, desserts, milkshakes, cocktails, fruit drinks, juices, etc.

TYPE wTable top model. wSingle phase.VOLUME JUG w4-litres / 16 Cups / 7.0 UK pints / 8.5 US pints.

SPEED CONTROL wPrecise, continuous, variable speed setting from 700 up to 15.000 r.p.m. wHALLDE separate Sprinter Pulse Function (HALLDE SPF) for direct access to maximum speed (15.000 r.p.m.) while the blender is operating.

MATERIALS wMachine housing of metal. wJug of exclusive polysulfone that is extremely impact resistant and heat resistant (115şC/239şF). wCutting blades of highest quality knife steel.