HALLDE Vertical Cutter / Blender VCB-61

PREPARATION wBuilt for highest capacity and performance with dry, wet and liquid foods. wChops, grinds, mixes and blends dressing, herb oils, aromatic butter, thickenings, batter, mayonnaise, sauces, soups, desserts, minced meat, purée, paté, etc. wPrepares meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, onions, parsley, nuts, almonds, parmesan, mushrooms, chocolate, etc.

TYPE wTable top model. wSingle phase.

SPEED CONTROL wOne speed. wPulse Function.

VOLUME BOWL wGross volume 6 litres / 24 cups / 1.6 gallons. wNet volume liquid 4.3 litres / 18 cups / 1.1 gallons

MATERIALS wMachine base of metal. wBowl of stainless steel. wCutting unit center hub of polysulphone. wKnives of Swedish high quality steel. wLid of polysulphone. wScraper ring and scraper handle of polysulphone