HALLDE Vegetable Preparation Machine RG-50S

PREPARATION wSlices, shreds, grates, make julienne and slightly curved potato chips/French fries. wProcesses fruit, vegetables, dry bread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, etc.

TYPE wTable top model. wSingle phase.

SPEED CONTROL wOne speed. wAutomatic stop/restart - function.

VOLUME wHalf cylinder shaped feed head, 0.9 litres / 3.6 cups / 1.6 UK pints / 1.9 US pints

CAPACITY Processes up to 2 kgs / 4.4 pounds per min. wSuitable from 10 up to 80 portions/day.

FEEDERS wHalf cylinder shaped feed head with hinged push feeder. wFeed tube with pestle for continuous oriented cutting of cucumber, leek, tomatoes, citrus fruit, etc.

MATERIALS wMachine base of ABS-plastic. wVegetable preparation attachment with feed head made of polycarbonate, ejector plate of acetal, cutting tool discs of polysulfone, polyurethane or metal, cutting tool blades of highest quality knife steel.