How to be beautiful? How to stop time's effect so as to enjoy your beauty and bestow the surrounding with it? These are the questions that we women ask ourselves for generations. The beauty lies in the surrounding nature and we are a part of it. The beauty lies within us and it expresses through the glow of our eyes, harmonious gestures and healthy, well taken care of skin. For centuries we are trying to uncover the secrets of the nature to preserve our youth. The experiences of the generations, have already provided results. Therefore, it is worthwhile to derive from them. Today's science offers us unlimited opportunities to manipulate matter around us. Nevertheless pure chemistry, gives only cursory and temporary effects. On the one hand, our body is strong ,but on the other hand, it also has a sensitive structure. Separated from mother nature we are more and more tired and prone to stress and this reflects in our appearance.

So it is worthwhile to go back to the nature and its unlimited gifts. The life


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