Reverse Osmosis Airtec® Basic

Reverse Osmosis systems are environmentally correct methods to bring desalinated water – without addition of chemicals. A high-pressure pump will press the raw water into a membrane system that only allows the desalinated water to pass through. The retention salt is lead as a concentrate directly to the drain.

Airtec® RO Basic

The Reverse Osmosis system is used as a micro-fine filter (Semipermeable). The relative small water-molecule will not be kept back by the membrane, but bacterial and other small particles will not be able to pass through. This permeate is led to a storage tank until it is needed and is pumped into our Units.

There are many advantages using our RO-system. Dust nuisances caused by the particles in normal drinking water can be accentuated if this system is not installed.

The customer must deliver a water-pressure to the RO-system at 3 bar, and the RO-system will then deliver max. 95 l/h treated water.
The hardness of the water must be max. 15º dh.