Aeroterm DDry

Equipment designed for drying of inks on digital printers. There is drying head on stand with rolls, this stand ensures the fixation of drying head in the most suitable position. Drying head can be lifted as well as positioned in different angles for optimal cooperating with different printing machines. The drying head is equipped with sources of infrared radiation, which ensure uniform drying of printed inks. There is NOT used any hot air for drying to not influe on working of printer (solidification of inks in printing head).
The controll panel of equipment allowes adjusting of temperature of heating elements as well as accurate maintaining of adjusted temperature via temperature PID regulator. Another regulation as well as temperature influence on printed material could be done with changing of distance between drying head and dryed material. There is possible to adjust the most technological suitable regime of drying for different kinds and thickness of used materials thanks to it. Equipments design and operation agrees with all needed regulations of Europe Union countries and it has CE declaration.