Aeroterm HandStar

The special hand operated UV curing equipment designed for curing of UV varnishes, fillers, glues, paints etc. on different objects. It is designed as hand-operated "UV lamps" with controll unit connected with cables. There is also included the special docking station with its own cooling for placing of stand-byed UV lamp during the time, when it is not used.
Ozone-free UV lamp is built inside of this equipment. Special reflector for focusing of UV rays to the space in front of hand "UV lamp", operator friendly grip for suitable and comfortable work. Controll unit has controll panel equipped in standard with ampermeters for checking of working UV lamp's point and with working hours counter for checking of the UV lamp's lifetime. There is also possible to adjust high (100%) and low (50%) working power of UV lamp. The equipments design and operation agrees with all needed regulations of Europe Union countries and the equipment has CE declaration.

Parameters AT HandStar 185/120cf
irradiated width [mm] 185
linear power of UV lamp [mm] 108
installed power [kW] 2,1
electricity [V] 1 x 230V