The JedAI SDK is Anagog’s on-handset artificial intelligence engine that collects and uses data from a handheld device’s sensors to build an on-device user profile.

JedAI understands the user’s mobility, activities and locations he or she visits in the real world.

- The industry’s first on-handset edge-AI engine
- Data resides on the device, not in the cloud
- Simultaneously retains all personal identifiable information (PII) on the user’s phone, while providing unprecedented personalized utility
- Uses first-party data generated by the users’ mobile device sensors to allow the phone to better understand the user’s mobility and real-life behavior
- Facilitates better segmentation and personalized customer-contextual offerings

JedAI enables advanced edge-AI capabilities that require no pulling of any personal data from outside the phone, thereby fiercely protecting user’s privacy.

The SDK runs 24/7 in the background, with ultra-low battery consumption, allowing the hosting application to react to the user’s mobility/location in real-time and within the right context and at the right time. JedAI is compatible with the latest Android and iOS operating systems.

Organizations using JedAI can build apps based on geo-behaviors including movement, timing, location, mobility and status. JedAI then provides predictions based on the user’s actual behavior. No personal information is transferred out of the phone without explicit user consent, meaning that the user is always in control.