PROFI 10.5

Vacuum cleaner with a unique vertical design, completely new segment and simultaneously vacuum cleaners all technical professional cleaner.


- Vertical design and modern design with many practical solutions
- Rugged housing made ​​of high quality plastic
- 6 stages of filtration (allergy friendly) + HEPA filter (optional)
- 5 liters in capacity of the bag (lower operating costs)
- Only 64 dB (comfortable using it)
- Long-life motor with thermal protection
- Sealing the top cover
- Connect electric brush(optional)
- Wheels with rubber running track is not drawing the substrate (optional)
- Park System [system handles] with a set of professional accessories that allow the effective removal of contaminants from various surfaces and hard to reach places
- The possibility of washing dirty filters
- Cable with a length of 7 m (retractor)
- Ability to control the vacuum hose
- Power nom. In 1200, the power max. 1400
- 29 kPa vacuum
- Useful suction power - 450 W
- Suction hose with a length of 2.5 m
- Two years warranty
- Dimensions: height 36 cm, diameter 32 cm
- Weight - 4.9 kg